Dwyer 350-Af, Series 250-Af Manometer Air Filter Gage

Dwyer 350-Af, Series 250-Af Manometer Air Filter Gage

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Dwyer, 350-AF, Series 250-AF Inclined Manometer Air Filter Gage 0-4" w.c., 4-1/2" Inclined Scale Dwyer® Durablock® Series 250-AF Gages are precision machined 1" thick solid acrylic plastic, virtually unbreakable and free of distortion

A glass spirit level is built into the body and encapsulated to prevent damage or tampering

Connection fittings are positively sealed by O rings but easily removed for zeroing or addition of fluid

Features Highly accurate and easy to use yet almost indestructible, Dwyer 174 Series 250-AF Inclined Air Filter Gages are foolproof and dependable

Furnished complete with instructions

Gages are suitable for use in ambient temperatures of -20 to 150 176 F

If cleaning is necessary, it is easily done with soap and water

Red and green signal flags indicate clearly when a filter change is necessary

Safety traps are incorporated in the body to prevent loss of fluid due to pressure surges

The fluid bore is precision drilled to 177 .0002 to assure life long accuracy

The mirror polished inclined scale allows the operator to easily read minute differences in differential pressure across the filter accurately without parallax error.

The only servicing required is occasional zeroing

The scale is mirror polished chrome plated brass to assure parallax free reading by alignment of the meniscus with its reflection

There are no moving parts - no mechanical linkages - nothing to wear out, jam or deteriorate from vibration

They never need calibration