Brecknell Hm11-C3-0.5T, Hm11 500Kg With Load Cell

Brecknell Hm11-C3-0.5T, Hm11 500Kg With Load Cell

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Brecknell, HM11-C3-0.5t, HM11 500KG Alloy Steel Single Point with Bellows Load Cell Features Capacity: 500kg High accuracy Alloy steel construction Low profile HM11 load cells are available in the capacities 20kg~500kg Alloy steel construction, welded with bellow, potted by adhesive inside, oil proof, waterproof, anti-corrosive gas and medium sized making it suitable for all kinds of environments Single point with bellow, easy installation, suitable for crane scales, mechanical conversion scales, hopper scales and other electronic weighing devices Safe and anti-explosive product, can be used in atrocious environments and hazardous areas